Oggettj is a self-produced design brand Made in Italy that was created in continuity with the activity of architect and designer. An experimental laboratory, located in the center of Tuscany a few steps away from the Rocca del Brunelleschi, with the aim of conceiving and creating new and exclusive handmade objects through a more independent design approach and less constrained by the logics of the mass industrial product. A method that we like to define JazzDesign because it fully describes the freedom that guides us from conception to realization.
As jazz musicians we experiment and improvise on new concepts of objects by doing research on forms, functions, use of materials, finishes, processing methods.
These aspects are for us as notes, rhythms and musical pauses with which we compose and construct, with maximum freedom of expression, our objects that are born, often unexpected and surprising, each with its own distinctive character and a story to tell.
A modus operandi that therefore does not go in search, a priori, of a recognizable style but rather favors a design logic that allows wider margins of investigation and that only a handmade production can allow.

Each of our objects, in fact, is made totally by hand and is aimed at curious people and lovers of unconventional design, who want to surround themselves with emotional and unique objects, made in small series and which become attached and able to perceive the passion and work of the hands that made them.

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