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My curiosity about the world of objects began when I was a child when I attended my uncle Domenico's carpentry workshop, whose laboratory bordered on the large courtyard of my elementary school. I was fascinated by his ability and by the wisdom of those hands capable of transforming a humble material like wood into an everyday object. So since childhood I have tried to create toys and objects with instruments that are often completely improvised and with mixed fortunes. I didn't follow any method, any rule, it was pure play and fantasy; and so I continued for years.
Then this interest grows and matures when, still a student university, I follow the course of furniture and design by Prof. Remo Buti, exponent of the "Global Tools" and of the Florentine "Radical Design", which invites me to participate in numerous design exhibitions with some experimental projects and prototypes. It is in the university period that my particular design philosophy is starting to take shape.
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A few years later I graduated in architecture at the University of Florence and I started my profession working in various sectors such as architectural design, interior design and industrial design, collaborating with important companies in the field of lighting and furnishing accessories.
Professionally, therefore, this passion of mine that I have ever dreamed of designing and building continues, and the birth of the Oggettj brand offers me the opportunity today to explore a different aspect of the world of design, that of handmade craftsmanship. A residual but fruitful environment, where favoring a design approach free from industrial logics, allows greater creative freedom and allows you to experiment and create unexpected and surprising objects that would otherwise remain confined only to the world of ideas.
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Designed for Axolight, Light4, ITRE, Masiero, Lucente
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